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Schagen equals West Friesland geniality

Schagen is a small town with about 19,000 inhabitants. There are many restaurants and cozy terraces around the Great Church at the Market in Schagen. You can park there free of charge. There you will find various national monuments, a car museum, carriage museum, and a few other small museums, an escape room, go-kart track, trampoline park, bowling alley and Kinepolis cinema. Schagen is a market town with a weekly market every Thursday, with typical West Friesland products.

Shopping in Schagen

The Makado shopping center in Schagen is covered and has pleasant shops. You will also find beautiful and surprising shops in the authentic center, ranging from clothing shops, interior design shops, souvenir shops, hobby shops, children's and toy shops to drugstores, bakeries, butchers, bookshops and sports shops.

Schagen nightlife

Schagen is the entertainment city of the region. During events such as the legendary Easter cattle, not only cattle is exhibited, but the catering establishments and the market offer some real festivities. Furthermore, the traditional Popweekend, always organized during the first weekend in August, attracts thousands of interested people, who enjoy the free pop festival while enjoying a drink.

Want to see traditional West Friesland dress?

Schagen is mainly known for its West Friesland Folklore markets that take place every Thursday in summer. At approximately 10.45 am (West Frisians don't worry about being a minute late or early) the unique procession will depart from the corner of Nieuwe Laagzijde/Stationsweg (a few minutes' walk from the station), preceded by the farmers' chapel 'De Uienhoop'. The colorful procession of Schagen inhabitants and guests dressed in original West Friesland costumes, walking or sitting on or in farm wagons, carriages and landaus pulled by beautiful horses, passes through the center.

West Friesland Omringdijk

The 126 kilometer long West Friesland Omringdijk is a marvel of human making. This monument meanders through the West Friesland landscape past polders, windmills, VOC towns, farmhouses, cultural surprises and delicious regional products. Come cycling or walking, visit a museum and taste the products that come directly from the land.

Events Schagen

Many events take place in Schagen.  You can find a current overview at:

Around park: 8km

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