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Holiday village of Petten

Are you not looking for mass tourism, but for authenticity? In that case, the village of Petten aan Zee is an excellent destination. Here you will find a fantastic wide and extensive beach, a beautiful dune area with a lovely forest. There is a lovely forest lake in the vulnerable dune area. The 'Zand tegen Zee' exhibition in the Coastal Information Center at Strandweg 4 tells the story of the recently carried out sand replenishment Camperduin, the Hondsbossche Duinen, and of the illustrious past regarding the battle against the water.

Fourth village

As a village, Petten has already been through a lot. As far as can be determined, this is the fourth village! The residents of Petten have traditionally fought against the water. Petten has everything you want in a holiday. A wonderfully wide beach, a beautiful dune and forest area for walking and cycling, and a pleasant center with shops, terraces, and restaurants.

Petten beach and square

Haven't been to Petten in a while? If so, you will be surprised by the metamorphosis! Sand replenishment has been carried out between Camperduin and Petten in order to protect Petten and the further land behind it against flooding. Tons of cubic meters of sand have been sprayed on, creating a huge beach. The breakwaters have disappeared under the sand. Artificial new dunes have also been created. Two beach pavilions will be placed here in the future. The 'old' beach has also changed beyond recognition. The beach is huge and a panoramic dune has been created, giving you a beautiful view of the village, the beach, and the sea. The village square is currently undergoing a major makeover. So are you planning to visit Petten this year? You will be amazed by the beach and the beautifully renovated square!

Holiday homes in Petten

There are various accommodations in Petten. From a simple summer house to a beautiful villa in Corfwater. There are also two campsites and a bungalow park. There are several shops and a supermarket in the center of Petten. Would you like to eat out in Petten? Restaurants to try are Zo Gewoon, De Watersnip, Pizzeria Bella Napoli and Restaurant Buiten. In Petten, Bar-Discotheek De Branding and café De Snor are well-known to the nightlife crowd.

Splendor of colors

In the spring, the immediate surroundings are transformed into a true splendor of colors. The blooming tulip fields create a great color palette. The largest contiguous flower bulb area in the world, which extends all the way to Den Helder, starts at Petten. From the beginning of April to mid-May, numerous events take place regarding Bloeiend Zijpe. For up-to-date information, visit

Sea fishing

Petten beach is an excellent place for sea fishing. You can catch almost all sea fish species that you can expect on the Dutch coast. In spring and fall, you can expect a lot of flatfish. Young cod and whiting can be found there from October to April. You can catch eel, sole, and sea bass there from May to October.

Disabled persons, exemption beach entrance

If you have difficulty walking or are disabled, you can obtain a chip for the barrier at GREAT-Vakantiehuizen after showing your disability pass or doctor's certificate, enabling you to go to the beach by car.

Around park: 3km

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