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Park Ruyghe Hoeck

Park Ruyghe Hoeck – Sint Maartensbrug

Near the beach and the sea

Enjoy a wonderful holiday at the rural recreation park 'Ruyghe Hoeck' in Sint Maartensvlotbrug!
If you like peace, privacy, and a beautiful rural environment, this is a great place to stay. Get a breath of fresh air and enjoy the beach, sea and dunes that are about 2 km away.


The holiday homes are privately owned and therefore differ in interior.

Cycling and walking

The wonderful sandy beach of Sint Maartenszee is about 3 kilometers away. From Park De Ruyghe Hoeck you can go on the most beautiful cycling and walking tours. Walk or cycle through the dunes, along the beach and over the West Frisian Omringdijk, but the vast meadows are wonderful for walking or cycling as well.

3 nights
2 people

Ruyghe Hoeck 4

North Holland, Sint Maartensbrug
  • Park Ruyghe Hoeck