Great Vakantiehuizen


GREAT Vakantiehuizen

Greet Slikker, together with Atina Kruijer, founded GREAT Vakantiehuizen in 2015, hence the name GREAT! The GREAT team consists of 3 passionate ladies: Atina, Astrid & Janneke. Of course, our team is simply not complete without our technical assistant and cleaning team.

Hospitality and personal attention are paramount at GREAT. A warm welcome from the beginning to the end of your stay.

Atina Kruijer

Atina has been active in the tourism sector all her working life. She worked at the tourist office for 28 years. Here she was mainly responsible for the promotion and development of printed matter. When the VVV ceased to exist, they started GREAT Vakantiehuizen together with Greet Slikker 10 years ago. They moved into the office of Moeijes Bungalowverhuur. In 2022 she decided to sell GREAT Vakantiehuizen. She found an excellent takeover candidate for this, namely Campanula. The takeover became a reality on January 1, 2023. She remains affiliated with GREAT Vakantiehuizen and can be found there for 3 days.

Astrid Lemmers

In December 2017, Astrid joined the GREAT team to strengthen the organization. Astrid, a former colleague of Atina at the Tourist Office, brings a wealth of experience in the field of accommodation rental. Her knowledge and experience contribute to GREAT Vakantiehuizen continued commitment to providing excellent services, with a focus on hospitality and customer friendliness.

Janneke Hoogerdijk

Janneke joined the GREAT team in June 2021. Prior to this, she has worked in the entertainment industry, hospitality industry and international trade. You will meet Janneke at the Front Desk or on the phone.

Lotte van Andel

Since the takeover by Bungalowpark Campanula in January 2023, Lotte has worked partly at GREAT and partly at Campanula. She really likes the combination. Lotte works in both the front and back office.