Great Vakantiehuizen



The Wildrijk nature reserve, of which the inhabitants of Sint Maarten are rightly incredibly proud, was once created as a country estate for Amsterdam merchants. The forest is small, but very grand in terms of beauty. If you walk around quietly, enjoying everything you see around you, your walk will take about an hour.

Blue carpet

In the spring the ground is covered as far as you can see with a blue carpet of bluebells. A breathtaking sight. Just take a seat on one of the many benches.

Memorial forest 'Forest of embracement'

Since 2018, a part of the forest has been set up as a memorial forest. This 'Bos der Omarming' offers a tree planting location for planting memorial trees for deceased children. It is a place where you can reminisce in nature and hopefully gain new strength. The memorial zone is marked by three large boulders. The memorial trees merge into the forest.

Around park: 1km

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