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Sunset Sint Maartenszee

Other accommodations in the area

Other accommodations in the area

Discover your ideal vacation with Great Vakantiehuizen in the mesmerizing surroundings at the top of Noord-Holland!

Perfect vacations with Great Vakantiehuizen

Great Vakantiehuizen welcomes you to an extensive range of apartments, bungalows, and vacation homes spread across the picturesque locations at the top of Noord-Holland, including Sint Maartenszee, Callantsoog, Petten, 't Zand, Oudesluis, Schagerbrug, Sint Maartensvlotbrug, and the Schagen area. Our accommodations range from various vacation parks to special locations; all conveniently located near the North Sea or in the middle of colorful flower–bulb fields. The perfect setting for an unforgettable domestic vacation.

Enjoy the surroundings and nature

Great Vakantiehuizen not only offers accommodations at bungalow parks in Sint Maartenszee, but also at quietly located parks in the municipality of Schagen. From these locations, you can relax and bicycle to the beach of Sint Maartenszee or Petten and enjoy all the beauty that the area has to offer.

Our range 

Our range is regularly supplemented with new accommodations. Great Vakantiehuizen not only rents out at bungalow parks, but has a varied range of accommodation options at the charming top of Noord-Holland.

Discover your perfect vacation accommodation at Great Vakantiehuizen, where hospitality and an unforgettable vacation experience are most important.


3 nights
2 people

Zeeweg 49

North Holland, Sint Maartenszee